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Perfect Fountains Fountain
Perfect Fountains Fountain
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PF 2000 Series
12 V x 100 W
Submersible Light Fixture
Submersible Light Fixture - 12 X 100 W
Submersible Light Fixture - 12 X 100 W
Submersible Light Fixture
“Aquascape” PF 2000 Series Fountain light is made from cast bronze and suitable for Submersed or Partial immersed installation. The light fixture is designed for single cable entry only.
Lamp and wattage ratings
Normally supplied with fixture 100w X 12v.
Construction of light fixture
Cast bronze (85/5/5/5 copper alloy) with stainless steel fasteners.
Electrical Cable
Approved for the purpose with integral epoxy encapsulated, compression type cable entry in factory assembled fixtures.
Lamp seal
High temperature silicon rubber ‘O’ ring around neck of lamp.
Ball Joint 12 V x 50 W
Adjustable Flanges 12 V x 100 W
Drains & Inlets 24 V x 150 W
Distribution PAR 38
Chambers PAR 56
Junction Box PAR 64
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